Open Source

Eye-Tracking with N > 1

This is one of the fastest papers I have ever written. It was a great collaboration with Tomás Lejarraga from the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Why was it great? Because it is one of the rare cases (at least in my academic life) where all people involved in a project contribute equally and quickly. Often, the weight of a contribution lies with one person which slows down things – with Tomás this was different – we were often sitting in front of a computer writing together (have never done this before, thought it would not work).

Moving an idea into business

Recently Ryan Murphy and myself realised that a startup here in Berlin features ideas of our 2011 Flashlight paper. Well, the guys at did a great job taking the idea we had much further we ever thought one would be able to take it … Here is a feature I totally love – a live heat map of what you are looking at … awesome!

Limesurvey randomizing

It is kind of an odd problem. For the following pretty straight forward question: How do I randomise questions within a group in Limesurvey? It seems to be really hard to find an answer. With the help of Jonas I figured out that there is a randomisation option hidden in the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of a question. What you have to do is provide the same number (this is important) for each question in a group that you want to randomise.

Religion and # of babies …

Religion seems to have little influence on the # of babies per woman – who might have thought … Here is another excellent talk of Hans Rösling on the topic.

Sustainable research

A sister blog with interesting contributions on what open source software researcher can use to work sustainable …