Sacher glazing …

When it comes to Sachertorte  the challenge starts towards the end – glazing the center piece after distributing the apricot jam.
Last weekend I was happy with the results I got which you can see here:













The left side shows the two pieces of cake after glazing – the right side after some more decoration work from my little one.

Two hints on getting this done right:
1) you want a lot of glazing – the more fumbling (ie distribution) that you have to do after poring it over the cake, the worse the result
2) you need a lot of sugar in addition to the chocolate so that the glazing does not become too hard.

Right, here are the three steps to a glazing that worked for me:













1) Melting the chocolate over hot water (roughly 250g)
2) cooking sugar (300g) with 1/8l water
3) cooling down the sugar until hand warm

Mix the two and stir (a lot) …
If things do not mix well, heat up the mixture again until things unite.
After cooling down the glazing a bit it pores easily over the cake and shines 🙂