Limesurvey randomizing

It is kind of an odd problem.
For the following pretty straight forward question: How do I randomise questions within a group in Limesurvey? It seems to be really hard to find an answer.

With the help of JonasĀ I figured out that there is a randomisation option hidden in the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of a question. What you have to do is provide the same number (this is important) for each question in a group that you want to randomise. Limesurvey will then take care of the rest. It did not seem to work if I named the variable with a string, eg, ‘group1’ but only numeric counters work fine.

Thanks Jonas! (I would not have finished at all) …

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.37.52 PM

One thought on “Limesurvey randomizing

  1. I have been using this very convenient option as well! I was wondering whether it is possible to find the displayed order of questions per survey response, but I cannot find such an option immediately. Do you happen to be aware whether LimeSurvey records the actual display order of randomized items?

    Thank you!
    Heleen (who is slightly desperate at this point, after browsing google for this question)

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