Lattice versus ggplot2

I really liked Lattice for generating graphs in R until I saw what ggplot2 can do …
One of the big differences between the two is the theory on which ggplot2 is based upon. There are clear modular building blocks that can be applied in a consistent manner on any graph generated. Both packages are extremely versatile but at the end of the day I think ggplot2 provides a clearer structure and hence more flexibility …

Hadley Wickham (the author of ggplot2) has a book out on ggplot2 at Springer. Some sample chapters can be downloaded from his webpage.

The learningR people have a long series of posts where they provide ggplot2 code for nearly all the graphs in the Lattice book … worth taking a look at!
Here is an in depth

One thought on “Lattice versus ggplot2

  1. (Just spotted your web page via your post today to the JDM list.) Also started to play with ggplot2 recently. Sometimes it’s a tad slow, though. You might also be interested in rggobi. See here for how to get it going (if you haven’t already used it):

    Very cool for interactive spinning display things. Looks useful for data exploration, supplemented with a spot of coding.

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